Redfield Tennis Courts

General Rules

Every player must be properly attired for tennis, i.e., tennis shoes, shirts, etc.  Bathing suits are prohibited.  Jogging shoes may not be worn by adults or children.

Court Rules:

  1. Non-players are not allowed inside tennis enclosure.
  2. Children are not permitted on the courts unless receiving formal instruction by an authorized instructor or accompanied by an adult member. All play is limited to 1.5 hours on reserved courts.
  3. No smoking allowed inside the tennis enclosure.
  4. No glass containers allowed inside the tennis enclosure.
  5. Courts must be locked upon leaving.  The last person to leave is responsible for turning off the lights.
  6. Official organized tennis activities sponsored by the Redfield Swim & Tennis Club have priority for use of the tennis courts.  The schedule will be posted on the website in advance.
  7. No roller skates/blades allowed on tennis courts.
  8. Courts and lights are for tennis only.
  9. All ALTA/USTA team rosters shall be turned into the tennis chairperson before being submitted to ALTA/USTA.  The tennis committee will try to eliminate large teams to ensure Redfield members opportunity to play.  

Tennis Court Reservations

  1. A court may be reserved in advance by signing up for the court on Tennis Reservation website.  Sign-ups must fit the allocated time slots (e.g.. 7 – 8:30, 8:30 – 10) in order to maximize the availability of courts for all members.
    • Adults will have priority over Junior members and Children on all tennis courts between the hours of 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Sundays (“Restricted Hours”).  This restriction on Junior’s and Children’s play shall apply to tennis instruction, match play (USTA, ALTA, etc.), make-up matches, and recreational play.  Junior members and Children shall not be allowed to reserve court time during the Restricted Hours.  Adult members also shall not be allowed to reserve time on behalf of Junior members and Children for play during the Restricted Hours.  This time restriction does not apply to Junior members and Children playing with an Adult member as long as the Adult member is on the court and an active player with the Junior member or Child.  If the Adult member is not playing, then the Junior member or Child is subject to being bumped from the court to allow other Adult members to play.
    • Tennis instruction for Adults shall not be allowed during the Restricted Hours.
  2. 10 minute grace period on reserved courts – then court is available.
  3. There will be a limit of 2 court reservations per family per day.  Families cannot reserve 2 courts during the same time block, whereby one family will have the use of 2 of the courts simultaneously.
  4. Court Reservations: 
    • ALTA and USTA matches:  3 courts may be reserved per team, with time slots as needed.
    • Jr. ALTA matches:  3 courts may be reserved per team, with time slots as needed.
    • Inter-club:  courts may be reserved with time slots as needed.
    • Coaching:  1 court per approved Redfield coach may be reserved, with time slots as needed.
    • Tournaments:  courts will be reserved as participation dictates.
    • ALTA and USTA practices:  2 courts per team per week may be reserved.  In order to allow free courts for non-ALTA/USTA players, three teams should not reserve time for simultaneous practices.  Also, ALTA/USTA teams may not take a third court by reserving under a persons name.
    • Court reservations for other matters will be made at the discretion of the Tennis committee.
    • If after reserving a court and the court will not be used, then the reservation should be removed from the Tennis Reservation website.