Redfield Tennis Facilities

Redfield Tennis features six hard courts, including one with a backboard. Redfield boasts 4 Thursday Women's ALTA Teams (AA,A,B and C levels), two or three Saturday Men's ALTA teams, one Sunday Business Women's team, Senior Men, Senior Women, Senior Mixed. Also, there is usually a Junior ALTA team at every age level.  In the summer and winter there are at least two Mixed Doubles teams.  For the youngest members, there is a Superstar Program twice a year.

The courts are maintained and kept in repair by the Tennis Chairperson. This volunteer also coordinates all the teams practice and match scheduling. The Chairperson also facilitates the team sign ups and other neighborhood issues. Throughout the year, there are Round Robins and fun tennis activities for the membership to enjoy!

The current Tennis Chairperson may be contacted at: