Redfield Swim and Tennis Club Pool Rules

Important Rules to Note:
  • The last 10 minutes of every hour are reserved as adult swim (age 18 and up) on most days. No children under the age of 18, including infants, are allowed in the pool during adult swim.
  • The first 25 minutes after adult swim will be reserved for diving board use; the last 25 minutes will be reserved for pool games, if pool games are requested.


    1. NO RUNNING ON THE POOL DECK (concrete area surrounding the pool).
    2. Rafts, air mattresses, inner tubes or large flotation devices will be permitted at the discretion of the life guards, depending on the number of people in the pool.
    3. Ball play (soft balls only) in the pool is at the discretion of the life guards, depending on the number of people in the pool.
    4. No cursing or abusive language is permitted.
    5. Only one person at a time on the diving board.  ONLY ONE BOUNCE PER DIVE.
    6. If a child cannot swim the width of the pool, he or she must have direct in-pool supervision.
    7. Children in the baby pool must be directly supervised by an adult or baby-sitter of at least 14 years of age.
    8. No distracting of the life guards is permitted.
    9. Any behavior or language deemed inappropriate by the life guards is prohibited.  The life guards have the full authority of the pool committee at the pool.


Only Redfield Swim and Tennis members and their guests will be admitted to the pool area.

  1. House guests (out-of-town visitors staying overnight with a member) are permitted to use the pool facilities just as a member would.   Accordingly, the house resident does not need to be present for the house guests to use the pool.
  2. Members are allowed to bring up to SIX FAMILY GROUPS or SIX INDIVIDUAL guests to the pool free of charge EACH MONTH.  There is no carryover from month to month.  After a member family has exceeded 6 guests per month, a $2 fee will be charged at the gate per guest.  Guests are only allowed to remain at the pool if the member remains at the pool with them.  Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests while on the pool premises.  The pool has the right to ban certain guests permanently from use of the pool based upon their behavior
  3. Redfield resident non-members are not permitted to use the pool facilities as a guest of a member.
  4. Small, informal (6 or fewer) birthday parties or other informal get-togethers are permitted at the discretion of the pool chairperson.  Permission must be obtained from the chairperson in advance.  Parties should be arranged at non busy times.  Charges for informal get-togethers (for extra lifeguards and/or cleanup, if necessary) will be determined by the swim committee.  

Age Restrictions

    2. No one under the age of 9 is allowed to come to the pool without supervision by an adult or babysitter at least 14 years old.
    3. Children between the ages of 9 and 14 must be able to swim the length of the pool to be able to come to the pool without supervision.

    General Rules

    2. No smoking within fenced pool area.
    3. No foul or abusive language will be tolerated at the pool.
    4. No pets are allowed inside the fenced pool area.
    5. No bikes, scooters or roller skates/blades are to be operated inside the fenced pool area.
    6. NO FOOD MAY BE EATEN ON THE DECK AREA IMMEDIATELTY SURROUNDING THE POOL.  Eating should be done on the grassy area away from the pool or under the shelter.
    8. Discreet use of alcohol is permitted by adults.
    9. No glass containers may be carried into the fenced area of the pool.
    10. Adults have preferential use of pool chairs.
    11. Answering the phone is the responsibility of the life guards.
    12. Permission to use the phone must be obtained from the life guards.
    13. Radios are permitted at the pool, but the noise level must not interfere with the pleasure of other pool users and surrounding homeowners.
    14. No chewing gum allowed in the pool.
    15. No hair pins, belt buckles or other metal objects are allowed in the pool.
    16. Proper bathing attire should be worn; no cut-off jeans or shorts are permitted in the pool.
    17. No one having a cold, cough, contagious disease, lice or any large open sores should use the pool.
    18. Any child not completely potty trained must have on rubber pants or appropriate swim diaper.

    Enforcement of Rules

    1. First offense will result in a warning.
    2. The second offense will result in a ten (10) minute suspension (out of pool, seated with the lifeguard).
    3. THE THIRD OFFENSE WILL RESULT IN A 24 HOUR SUSPENSION FROM THE POOL.  Any child asked to leave the pool more than twice in a season will not be allowed to return to the pool unless accompanied by a parent.