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What:  2022 Summer Progressive Dinner – “Summer State of Mind"

When:  Saturday, August 20th, 6pm - 11pm

Where:  Appetizer house – Location will be confirmed 

AFTER PARTY:  Dunwoody Tavern 

Cost:  $20 per couple (PayPal: OR Venmo: @Shruthi-Shankar-2) - Please pay by 8/15 to receive recipes.

Please sign up NOW to join us for a night of great food, and friends! 

Note the sign-up page will state $0 cost per person - this is done to avoid an invoice being created on the website. Payment is being handled outside the website via PayPal or Venmo (see above).

Menu will be posted by the end of the week

Redfield’s Progressive Dinner Details

How it works:  Progressive Dinner is a social event usually held twice a year, in August and Feb/Mar.  It’s planned by a volunteer committee.  We decide on a date, theme and recipes for 2-3 Appetizers, 2 Sides, 2 main dishes, and a dessert.  We focus on making the recipes amazingly delicious and as simple as possible to prep/cook.

About a week prior to the dinner, we will send out the recipes to all attendees.  You will be assigned one of the following:

  • 1 main dish 

  • 2 appetizers

  • 2 sides

Host Houses:  If you volunteer (when you sign up) to host a dinner house (4-5 couples), then you won’t receive a recipe to cook/prep.  It’s enough that you are opening your house to guests and all the prep that goes along with that.  You will receive prep instructions in case your grill or oven needs to be used, since the main dish and side are usually finished at the host house.  

On the night of the event, this is what goes down:

6pm arrival at the home of the Gracious Appetizer Host House.  

  • The Committee provides a signature themed drink, plus a full-ish bar.  And we sample the delicious appetizers everyone brings.  It’s a really fun time to catch up!

  • @ about 7:15pm - The committee hands out the envelopes to the Dinner Houses.  Those people will look through the people that are assigned to their house and let you know if you’re assigned to their house.

7:30pm - Everyone heads to your assigned host house.  Take your apps/food with you.

  • Arrive at the Host House and if you have a main or side, work with your host to heat it up or cook it.  They will be prepped with instructions for oven temps or grilling needs.

  • Enjoy dinner with 4-5 couples - a great way to turn neighbors into friends!

  • Eat dessert at the dinner house.

9:30pm - Everyone head to the AFTER PARTY.

  • Arrive at the After Party at the Dunwoody Tavern, there will be a $150 bar tab.

Please note: 

  • If you were assigned an App, then please get to the Appetizer House (on time or a little before) and setup your dish, so that everyone will have a chance to sample yours!

  • If you have a dinner item, you’ll save that until your Dinner House.  I usually keep it in a cooler pack/ice chest in my car until I get to my dinner host house.  But some people leave it at home and get it on the way to the Dinner House.

  • Everyone should plan to bring a bottle of wine to share with your Dinner House.

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Event Registration List 2022 Summer Progressive Dinner starting on Saturday, August 20, 2022 6:00 PM

NameAttendingAdultsAddressRegistered On  
  Number Attending:      33 0     
11602 Jennifer Checkner, Jeff,Jeff,Jennifer Checknerjeff.checkner@gmail.comYes2 5281 Redfield Rd8/3/2022 2:08 AM 
11606 Pantano, GinnyGinnyPantanoVpantano@southernco.comYes2 1055 Redfield Terrace8/5/2022 11:05 PM 
11611 and Rob Phelps, CareyCareyand Rob PhelpsCareymarieskinner@hotmail.comYes2 1027 Rexstone Lane8/10/2022 9:50 PM 
11614 Schlifkin, ShelleyShelleySchlifkinShelleyschlifkin@att.netYes2 1126 redfield terrace8/11/2022 12:51 AM 
11616 Banister, GregGregBanisterbanisterg@bellsouth.netYes2 1080 redfield terrace 8/13/2022 4:00 PM 
11615 Marion, GinaGinaMarionginamarion@comcast.netYes2 5363 Redfield Drive, Dunwoody, GA 303388/13/2022 8:48 AMginamarion
11605 Schindler, EricEricSchindlerericschindler15@gmail.comYes1 5440 Redfield Road, Dunwoody, GA 303388/5/2022 8:34 PMEric
11613 Ryan, CandiceCandiceRyancandiceluvryan@gmail.comYes2 5654 Queensborough Drive, Dunwoody, GA 303388/11/2022 12:37 AMTheRyans
11603 Sok, LaurenLaurenSoksok.lauren@gmail.comYes2 1199 Saint Andrews Circle, Dunwoody, GA 303388/4/2022 3:53 PMsokfamily5
11619 Checkner, JeffJeffChecknerjeff.checkner@gmail.comNo0 5281 Redfield Road, Dunwoody, 30338 GA8/15/2022 12:18 AMcheckner
11612 Fisher, LeslieLeslieFisherlesliesfisher@gmail.comYes2 5270 Redfield Road, Dunwoody, 30338 GA8/11/2022 12:32 AMlesliesfisher
11610 Proctor, DawnDawnProctordawn@barnesyoung.comYes2 1047 Redfield Terrace, Dunwoody, 30338 GA8/9/2022 10:59 PMyoungda
11620 Parro, MelissaMelissaParromelissa_berghorn@hotmail.comYes2 1274 Redfield Ridge, Dunwoody, GA 303388/15/2022 12:41 AMmelissaparro
11609 Matthew, JillJillMatthewmj@johnsons.orgYes2 5520 Redbark Way8/8/2022 11:57 PMgamusicman
11604 Vasell, AngelAngelVasellavasell@ups.comYes2 5393 Redfield Circle, Dunwoody, GA 303388/5/2022 1:59 AMavasell
11601 Dan Herd, Ashley,Ashley,Dan Herddanielsherd@hotmail.comYes2 1127 Redfield Terrace, Dunwoody, Georgia 303388/2/2022 8:34 PMdsherd
11607 Belkot, WestonWestonBelkotwestonbelkot@gmail.comYes2 1059 Redstone Lane, Dunwoody, GA 303388/6/2022 8:34 PMwbelkot
11608 David, Rath,Rath,Davidrath.david@gmail.comYes2 1026 Redfield Lane, Dunwoody, GA 303388/8/2022 1:07 AMdavidrath1